Strategy and Operations

With all the data calls, fire drills, and daily deadlines surrounding today’s organizational leaders, they often find it difficult to take the time to focus on the future.

However, if a desired future-state is not accurately defined and communicated, how can you ensure that your daily tasks are taking you where you need to go? Strategic Planning is necessary to keep everyone moving in the right direction. USfalcon offers a proven methodology to help you define and realize your full potential.

USfalcon Strategy and Operation services include:

Environmental Scan

In order for you to move your organization in any direction, you must first understand your starting point. USfalcon helps you to gain a complete understanding of your organization’s current state (“as-is”) by developing and executing an environmental scan. The results of the scan paint the picture of your organization as it stands today and the key issues that affect you in achieving your objectives.

The environmental scan will identify all aspects of your current situation based on a multi-level approach:

  • Governance analysis – Complete review and analysis of your existing governance structure, including structures that your organization controls and those that you must operate within
  • Strategic alignment – Complete review of all internal and external artifacts which influence you in order to develop organizational line of sight and alignment
  • Stakeholder analysis – Identification of the perception and attitudes of internal and external stakeholders about your organization
  • Interview and survey delivery – Development and execution of tailored interview scripts and surveys, asking the right questions to get the most effective results
Implementation and Performance Measurement

“What gets measured gets done,” or so the saying goes.

How does an organization translate strategy into results? USfalcon will work with you to develop, communicate, and implement a detailed plan of actions and milestones (POA&M) or implementation plan. This implementation plan aligns directly to your annual guidance and details the “bite-sized” actions required to get your organization moving in the right direction.

Execution of your implementation plan is only one step toward success. USfalcon will also help to concurrently structure and execute a performance measurement plan so that you can measure your progress in achieving your strategic objectives. This plan includes both qualitative analysis and quantitative metrics, both of which are used to periodically evaluate progress toward your goals and objectives:

  • Implementation plan development and execution
  • Performance measurement plan development and execution
  • Metrics design and execution
Strategic Communications

What good is the right message if you don’t deliver it at the right time or to the right audience? Strategic communications are essential to any successful project, yet they are often undervalued or poorly delivered. At USfalcon, our consultants understand this and they understand the inherent connection between communications and strategy implementation. We help you to use strategic communications to build the understanding, buy-in, and ownership necessary to achieve your objectives.

Our core service offerings within Strategic Communications include:

  • Communications plan development
  • Information design services
  • Communication product development
  • Branding and marketing

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” – George Bernard Shaw

Strategy Development

At USfalcon, we think of strategy development as a multi-step process. First, you must identify what you want your organization to look like in the long term. This involves defining your mission and vision – and the overarching goals and objectives required to get there. This information is captured in your strategic plan.

Second, you must identify the priorities for the current year, including the immediate, short-term actions required to move toward your defined “to-be” state. This information is captured in your annual guidance.

We offer a number of Strategy Development services, including:

  • Meeting facilitation
  • Future-state definition
  • Gap analysis
  • Business Case and ROI analysis
  • Strategic plan development
  • Annual guidance development